Massage Therapy is a hands-on approach to healing and maintaining the body that is performed by regulated health professionals.

Massage is Good

It works by:

  • physically breaking up adhesions and scar tissue

  • increasing the flow of blood and lymph, thereby speeding the healing of injuries and increasing the drainage of toxins (by-products of metabolism)

  • decreasing the tone of tight muscles

  • releasing entrapped nerves

  • increasing joint mobility


Used regularly as a maintenance tool, massage:

  • keeps the tissues healthy with regular blood/lymph flow

  • decreases the tension on the nervous system by keeping the muscles and joints that surround the nerves flexible and supple

  • improves posture and body awareness

  • increases flexibility in the joints and muscles to help prevent injury

  • improves breathing by releasing the muscles surrounding the rib cage

  • decreases overall stress and fatigue levels by maintaining a lesser muscle tone and causing you to take some time out for yourself to heal.  Plus, touch has been scientifically proven to be an essential part of living a healthy life.


Basically, massage is an all natural, nurturing way to take care of yourself

that’s been used by people for millennia.


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